new years resolutions (day one)

i remember when i learned what a new years resolution was. it was one of the few times that my parents hosted a party in our house, and they had people from church over. everyone was in various locations in the kitchen of my own house talking about how they were going to change in the year soon coming, and when it became my dad’s turn, he said he would become healthier. being a naïve child, i thought that was innovative and a great idea until everyone laughed, not because he was incredibly unhealthy but apparently because this was quite possibly the most common resolution.

in reflection of past new years, i have decided that i don’t really believe in resolutions, but i’d like something in writing to be referred to whether i accomplish anything this year. and thus comes the specific yet totally achievable list of things i should have already done (and by now most teens have)

1. be consistent in a new project

not only have i been one to put things off until the last minute, but i abandon anything and everything all too often, so i’ll let the time stamp on these posts speak for me. i’m hoping to write every day, even if that means the quality is even worse

2. take baths more often

this one is kind of a given. i suppose the new year is a great time to try new things and bath bombs seem to be the bomb

3. watch more classic movies (hopefully while taking those baths)

it’s hard to define classic since i consider both the rat pack and the brat pack and everything in between to count but this is something i wish i had started as a kid. it’s crazy how different i would be today if i had seen roman holiday as a child

4. leave my comfort zone and become a better public speaker

this may just be my biggest challenge yet. just talking in group projects makes me shaky, and i stumble over my words even when i’m just with friends. after watching till h gross’s tedxtalk about becoming more confident, i started to realize that going out and doing something that scares me is the most accessible way to tackle my fear. i have yet to yell in a crowded bus stop or lie down in a busy street but if i do you’ll be first to know

5. find where my opinions lie

in light of the michael brown incident, i started to realize that though i am on the side of michael brown, i have questioned all my thoughts on the issue, since major breakthroughs seem to be happening every day. opinions are kind of a tricky thing when you realize everyone is entitled to their own when it comes to type of milk or political party but incidents like these have such a hostile disparity in sides


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