the one with all the baby pictures (day three)

because my sister is going back to college tomorrow, my family spent the night going through photo albums. not only did i look at my baby pictures, but i got to look back on my parents in their university days. that includes but is not limited to shoulder pads and maxi skirts for my mom and polo shirts and short shorts for my dad. i’m not going to lie though, baby pictures were my favorite part. nothing like being told you were more adorable than your sister (and her enthusiastically agreeing) to raise your self esteem.

every day, it’s hard to imagine a time not in the present. to remember last year may as well be the same thing as recalling preschool or predicting the future. and to look back and see what actually happened in the eyes of people who really cared about me is calming. to know that i could look at the albums in 7 months or in 7 years and see what things were veritably like is an assurance that i can live in the moment rather than remember what happened last week or last month.

my family is reasonably sized. it’s my sister, myself, and our parents. we never had that all-american family night with the pieces of yahtzee or sorry! spread out on the kitchen table. it was me, an obstinate seven year old pleading to play monopoly. in the family room, at our cousins’ house, even on the car (quite possibly the worst idea past me has ever had). because my parents are immigrants, they never knew how to play by the rules. that made things frustrating of course but i had more fun through all the realizations that we were disregarding the rules.

all in all, today was a great day for family. we even ran into our cousins at dinner, something i’m surprised doesn’t happen more often (considering how close we live). this has happened once for me before, but that’s another story.


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