oasis: away from the winds and sounds of the city* (day seven)


A sanctuary is a place you can escape to, to catch your breath and remember who you are. Write about the place you go to when everything is a bit too much.

i would like to say that i always know who i am. but i don’t, because i feel like an eclectic mix of fourteen personalities depending on the situation i’m in, and the people i’m surrounded with. i go online to really relax, mostly from pressures that come from all around. i’m not a different person online, but instead of having my words and actions be criticized, i can admire the work of others as a passive bystander. *whenever teachers and parents preach about the importance of being a leader, i feel a twinge of disbelief. we all believe that our children can become president, and they can, but many forget that being a leader and being a follower are not opposites. you can be both, and i think that in a good leader you need someone who is willing to back up an idea even if he or she doesn’t get the credit that we all want.*

quite possibly the greatest thing of being on the grid is that while it’s foolproof to be interactive, it’s not necessary. if there’s something irrelevant blowing up on twitter (like if zayn malik’s tweet really did mean that) that i don’t want to be a part of, i can close that tab and open any other page. when i log onto netflix, quite possibly the only conversation i have is the company asking if i liked the movie and if i typically watch that genre. it’s entirely optional and unnecessary to read the reviews, and for only $7.99 i can forget that i have subject tests and tennis tryouts and watch two seasons of parks and recreation in two days.

of course relying on your computer/phone/tablet/whatever samsung is producing these days for entertainment can be the root of some problems. while i say that i’d rather people interact face to face without checking instagram, i fall into the pressure of not being the girl who stares around while waiting for lunch. i wonder if other people have this issue. i want to say i’m torn but i think it’s just the overthinker in me.

*the nomenclature of this post comes from the song skulls by my favorite band, bastille, so check out this awesome remix on their latest album release other people’s heartache part III 


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