always the stairs, never the escalators (day ten)

like most people in the world, i’m a serial procrastinator. i don’t skimp on homework or put off spending time with my friends, but in all other aspects of my life, i never go the extra mile. i’m a “photographer” on the school newspaper, which means that once a month i have to go to a sports meet alone and scour facebook to find pictures from past events (both of which show that titles are misleading). i started with an ancient camera and to be honest, it was real crappy. i know next to nothing about photography, but i can tell that no matter what setting it was on, there was no way i could get a non-blurry action shot on it. i could barely get a still shot with decent lighting, but that was definitely my fault. i begged for a better camera since i felt so ashamed of the dinosaur aged nikon, and after persistent (ie irritating) pleas for several months, my dad ordered something along the lines of a canon eos 75 (goes to show how much effort i’ve put in) and to this day, ten months later, i still have not learned the basics. i know how to set the timer and take the picture and look back and i could probably sync the photos to wifi but that’s basically all i know. a shame, really.

that’s why i look up to people like casey neistat. this years new year’s resolutions are quite vague, but all fall into the category of no regrets. eating healthy means that i have control over my own body so if i’m unhappy with it i can change. speaking up so i don’t think back and realize that things could’ve been different had i voiced my opinion. even talking to people who make me nervous, so i never wonder if things would be different if i had talked to him or walked with her. he dropped out of high school at 15, became a father two years later, lived on welfare, lived in a trailer while washing dishes as a living, saved enough money, made little movies that could’ve only been made in the 2000’s, and got all the way to the top, that is- making a living out of something that he could barely afford as a hobby. his videos seem to make people question everything, which is awesome. discussions are necessary for everything, and he gives a voice to people who would not otherwise be heard, such as cyclists and the people affected by bike lanes. it’s entertaining how controversial the topic of biking on the street is on youtube.

to me, he’s one of the most talented and creative filmmakers on youtube and overall a force to be reckoned with. if you’re like me and you’re wary of extreme praise, take the nicely packaged route and start with his ted talk or read his wikipedia page or watch his most famous commercial… just whatever you do, understand that this man is worthy of the hype he receives. even though he doesn’t really receive too much backlash (mostly angry people thinking he’s a hipster), i must put it out there that i think this man is real.*

in honor of his awesomeness, i’m listing my favorite of his films.

*in the followup to the two dollar bills video, casey put up that he’s giving away free stickers, and true to his word, i got several. i put one of the two dollar bill ones onto my nalgene, which means people always ask the question “did you tape a two dollar bill onto your water bottle?” other than that, they’re pretty cool- i suggest sending for some. your self addressed envelope comes with confidential stamped on.


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