when your fave is not what you expected (day twelve)

i finally broke the original new year’s resolution. what a disappointment.

but then again things don’t always go the way you hoped, but that’s life.

last night, i attended this incredibly preppy but nonetheless fun dance. my previous experience with [anything related to school] dances always includes an awkward hour between arriving and feeling somewhat normal, and last night did not disappoint. it was a serious kind of dance, where you ask a guy (shocking… i know) months in advance and you eat dinner and swing dance* i was really looking forward to this dance, and i was kind of under the assumption that it would be life-changing (i skipped last year’s concert because i had no date and they had no space, but fear not for i went to a bastille concert*). instead, it was mostly awkward with a side feeling of hunger. i’m not saying i like this guy, but i definitely expected something more eventful than attempting to swing dance with him and then giving up and leaving for the fun section towards the band.

and then, we went to waffle house.

i don’t know about you, but a trip to waffle house is something i plan in advance. i almost always know what i’m ordering (hashbrowns, waffle with whipped cream, toast, hot chocolate), and it’s certainly something i always look forward to. a few of my friends and i (plus our dates) waited in our booths for maybe forty minutes before everyone decided to leave out of frustration (there were only two workers and maybe 30 hungry customers, but the waitress hadn’t come to either of our tables because she thought we were irritating***). i sat alone in waffle house for at least thirty minutes out of my own stupidity, because i didn’t clarify that i needed to get picked up. mostly i was sighing and looking at my phone, and at the end of my stay there the waitress came up to me and told me that two men were offering to pay for food, which i nervously declined.

what a night.

*this is a skill i have yet to acquire.

**after that night, i spent a week in a cloud because the bassist who looked at me

***and to be fair, we were- my friends were all complaining. it was pretty obvious she thought we were annoying because she started cleaning plates when there were stacks of clean ones instead of coming to take our orders (i thought this was hilarious by the way)


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