In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Image Search.”


the page where i found this has a survey at the bottom asking the reader to diagnose the reason for the two legions on the fingers. i didn’t even notice anything wrong until i read the paragraph, and even now nothing really stands out. when i first saw the picture, it kind of looked like a still from an action movie, maybe kill bill, when the protagonist is about to get punched in the face. it doesn’t seem blurry enough to be moving, but i suppose it depends on the quality of the camera and editing software. i tried to see this as part of a nervous man, clenching his hands tightly to stop from falling over. i just can’t see it that way. maybe he’s awaiting the verdict at a highly publicized trial, or anxiously waiting to propose to his girlfriend. it’s quite unclear.

i chose the term white knuckles because i love the music video by ok go by the same name. they’re a band who, like vampire weekend, i have a slightly difficult time interpreting lyrics-wise. but their music videos are so intricate, so well-planned that i give them diplomatic immunity to sing a folgers jingle on their next album. this music video in particular is so impressive because of the hours of dog training it must have taken to reach the final product. as a human i’d even have issues remembering the choreography of this video. it’s a creative reminder that rescued animals need homes, so watch away!


white knuckles (day thirteen)


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