In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Sweet Home.”

Home Sweet Home

When you’re away from home, what person, thing, or place do you miss the most?

it took a few refreshes, but this prompt is almost perfect. i just returned home from a three day trip to alabama and visited places that are only a few hours away by car, but i was homesick beyond belief at some parts. it was a great experience since i hate family vacations, and i must say i took advantage of all my options. food was on the school, so i overordered for meals straight- i’m not going to lie, i felt drunk with power. but with all the freedom that this excursion provided, there was often a nagging, slightly depressing feeling that hit me periodically. it’s the same feeling i get when i’m in the movie theatre and i realize again and again that i’m in the dark in a public area. this consciousness causes a sadness that i can’t describe and creates a longing for any other emotion. i almost feel like an outsider stuck between two pulling sides. one is trying to fight boredom, but the other is whispering for me to return back to my comfort zone. for this reason, i must say i miss my school the most.

as a high school student, i spend as many (if not more) hours conscious at school than i do at home on the weekdays. that means that i’ve grown to be used to the classrooms, the air conditioning and the buildings. once in a while, i have the same feeling with my classmates as i have with the floorplan, but when i’m bearing birmingham weather i’m tricked into thinking that i love everyone back home. when i walked into the bathroom after arriving back, i felt a sudden relief. of course in a week i’ll be frazzled to my wits about algebra and wishing to be back on the edmund pettus bridge, but until then i’ll enjoy being back home.


home sweet home (day sixteen)


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