tonight we turn the page (day twenty)

my family, in the loosest sense, is democratic. we’re not politically, so we’re like that family that only goes to church on christmas and easter- except we do this with voting for president. i wasn’t planning on watching the state of the union- i didn’t even know it was today. i only watched because i’d like to know more about the basics of politics and what goes on at such publicized events, and because the tv was on cnn as i finished making candied walnuts on the stove.

considering how politically dormant am, the state of the union address made me surprisingly patriotic. there will always be violence and bloodshed in america, but to hear a person who has the power to change millions of lives sound so optimistic and devoted to making my country an even better place does emotional wonders. people rag on obama for his policies, but he is the first to mention the lgbtq community so many times and vow to make the american dream available to all socioeconomic parties. he gives us an open platform to discuss events, which i think is such an important part of making change.

i like to think that watching the entire speech live without pausing or muting it is the spring i need to become more politically aware. of course i have no idea how people choose what party they’re in, but with the help of the cnn correspondents, i think i’ll be on my way.

so kudos on making so much of america feel united for the first time in a while and having a nice sense of humour, president. you’ve made my night.


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