an enticing challenge (day twenty four)

i love libraries. every time i walk into one, i feel a mix of nostalgia and excitement about novels and children’s biographies and dvds in wrinkly plastic cases and child-like decorations. i can’t remember the address of one of my homes, but i can walk through any of the public libraries i’ve visited with a blindfold on. nothing seems to change in public libraries- the computers that haven’t been changed since the second bush won office, the community advertisements in the bulletins, and most certainly, the books.

i’ll admit, i get pretty annoyed when i can’t find the new novel i want on the shelves, but it makes me happy to know that a. this library won’t be the victim of a shameless revamping or b. another enthusiastic teenager picked it up and realized it was worth reading. yesterday, i picked up the perks of being a wallflower and vonnegut: novels and stories 1963-1973. while checking these out, one of my school librarians asked me if i was going to participate in doing the 2015 read harder challenge. i don’t pay attention when i don’t need to (and frankly sometimes when i do), so i had completely overlooked the stack of dark blue flyers on the shelves. she thought i would be interested because i read so much (her words, not mine) and it honestly left me with a warm feeling. it’s not quite popular on the internet or maybe she made the flyer, but this site explains the categories in which you can basically play book bingo and win things. the lovely end of a quite crappy day, this encounter made me inexplicably happy. it was kind of a perfect close if i hadn’t forgot my vest and rice krispies treats under the check out kiosk.


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