welcome to new york, it’s been waiting for you

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Terminal Time.”

it’s odd. airports can be some of the most unpleasant places, with the angst-filled beginning to family vacations, public bathrooms and unpredictable temperatures, but i love spending time in them. if you’re spending time inside an airport, you’re either waiting to board or waiting for someone else. either way, it’s the king of all metaphors- a new beginning. my flights are rarely delayed- in fact my family usually rushes to terminals and gates. i’ve even caused my dad to miss a flight, but that’s another story. i’ve rarely had the opportunity to really explore an airport, but it holds all these possibilities (mostly of types of food, but still).

my favorite airport is, by far, jfk international. while i was waiting for the person to pick me up for camp (it turns out that he had been a few feet away from me the entire time- his backpack was covering the words on his shirt), i started reading catcher in the rye. it was a rocky beginning for me, and the fact that holden spend the entire novel wandering around new york flew over my head. i ate an overpriced burger in a diner near the destinations and luggage area and tried to pay attention to the novel, but it was impossible. it ended taking the entire summer to finish that short book, only with the excitement of my more northern friends to fuel me.

going home from jfk was a much different experience. from a tourist’s perspective, it was hard to tell that you were in new york. everything seemed dark as i ate my panda express (i definitely should’ve gone with shake shack), as if “the city that never sleeps” was nowhere near. it might just have been the crappy time i had at camp, but i was really dejected at not being able to roam around more. i wish i had gotten a cheap massage or manicure or bought some better magazines, but i was hurried and the last thing i wanted to do was buy one of those cheap sweatshirts in hudson news or something. maybe i would’ve read some kurt vonnegut if i had found a quality bookstore, or found a lounge area better than the stiff chairs in the gates.

well, no use dwelling in the past. i do hope that i go back soon.


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