so i guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons (day twenty nine)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “He’s (She’s) So Fine.”

it’s odd how once you like someone you start to love everything about them. everything is suddenly an adorable quirk or you just happen to have this crazy coincidence. this isn’t the even soulmates that have dated for years kind of connection, but something i often find myself doing every time i start up a new crush (which happens more often than anyone could expect). this makes me think that everything they do is special. there’s one boy who i have never talked to who i just adore because of his sense of humour and personality. i don’t think he’s conventionally hot but everything he does seem to make him seem like someone i’d fall in love with. we’re nowhere close to being in the same social circle* so it’s hard to tell, but i think about the things i’ve seen him do and i realize he could be a lot more egotistical, but he’s not and that’s what appeals so much to me. and there’s another boy who i just get so nervous around for no reason, and i don’t even think we have a connection. i could literally be another face in the crowd to him but his presence can make me question everything from my breathing to my eyesight.

**i can’t even compare them to me. it’s like they’re on a parallel level in some alternate universe.

i realize that so many of these crushes start purely through coincidence or incidence, and if i had missed a certain action or my schedule was just two classes different then things could be so different. but i suppose all love is through happenstance, so i’m as close to love as anyone else.


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