In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Regrets, I’ve Had a Few.”

regret is an odd emotion. because i always connected having no regrets as living in the moment and jumping out of the plane when you had the opportunity. but sometimes, saying no stops a tsunami tide of regret for what could happen.

i regret being so sensitive, because it leaves room for a bunch of insignificant factors to weasel their way into your head. it’s a wide umbrella of regret, of course, so if i was more tough skinned i’d probably be a much different person. i’d like to say i’d be doing well in school, because i seemed to have done well right up to the point of my eating disorder and then somehow lost the will to do get a’s once recovered. i got lazy, which was okay for the time being because i was tired, both temporarily and in the long run. but now, life has become more intense and i just can’t find the will to put in enough effort towards the right causes. if all had went to my plan, i’d be more outgoing and less unpredictable. and most of all, i’d be happier.


is no regrets even a possibility (day thirty four)


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