unironically enthusiastic (day thirty three)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do or Die.”

the one thing i value over almost everything- my friends, my favorite tv shows, and even music, is vlogbrothers. i would rather watch a livestream or get involved in p4a than ice skate or watch a movie with my friends. it’s an odd choice, especially coming from someone who hates to feel alone and has spent the past few years making that an impossibility. and what is it about vlogbrothers (aka john and hank green) that makes me a different person?

it’s hard to explain my love for them, but i just love their unrestricted interest in everything. when i watch either of their videos, i am filled with this feeling that i can accomplish anything. i mean, both were bullied for being losers when they were younger, but here they are, interviewing the freaking president and donating millions of dollars to charities. they make me excited about politics and history and leaving the world in a better state than i found it in. i used to watch a bunch of youtubers until i realized that their videos were cute and all but ultimately all the same. it takes a long time for a person to realize that you don’t have to know what’s on someone else’s phone to be confident about your own. i think that john and hank’s emphasis on issues is rightly used, and they have these entertaining and creative videos that cater to a variety of people. i’m an overthinking teenager but i know my calm librarian loves them too, as do millions of people around the world. i hate that this is limited to 300 words, because i have thousands more.


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