audrey knows what’s up (day thirty five)


“suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid for.”

-Holly Golightly, Breakfast at Tiffany’s

i have a lot of admiration for people who have a way with words. screenwriters, lyricists and just simple people who are eloquent are the very best and most wise in my opinion. often you can pause a movie and something in the dialogue can be used as a vague quote, but rarely does it explain something that you could never have explained before, and didn’t even know was a feeling. and to me, no one’s words strike me harder than those of audrey hepburn’s. i’ve been feeling the mean reds today, and i can’t understand why. i won my match, i went out to target and bought what i needed, and even tried on some clothes in marshall’s. but i get so frustrated so easily and for no reason that it’s a risk encountering me. i wanted to yell at someone, but i just read some of cat’s cradle and tried to stay quiet. one thing i think we always forget is that as we could be dealing with the metaphorical end of our world, the people have their own lives going on. it doesn’t make it okay for someone to blow up at another person, but understanding the reasons behind something are as close as i’m going to get to feel closure.


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