In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Wanderer.”

travel is an odd thing in that having the same trip could still cause countless kinds of experiences for different people. i happen to hate most kind of traveling, because it makes me sad, tired, broke, sometimes fat and often stressed. perhaps this is because i often travel with family (as most people do), but i feel like vacations should be all fun. you took time off of work or school to go somewhere, but what’s the point if you’re not enjoying it wholeheartedly? if given the option, i’d rather buy a few pairs of pants and call it a year. but i’m not saying the idea of a vacation doesn’t excite me.

  1. missoula, montana- i had never heard of missoula before last year, but three two large parts of my life (and a book we read in english) mentioned it so it stuck in my mind as being a dream destination. hank green from vlogbrothers lives there, and seeing it as the backgrounds to some of his videos makes me so curious. of course, it’s heavily connected to twin peaks (co-creator david lynch and actor bobby briggs were born there, as well as character maddy ferguson)
  2. north bend, washington- background to much of twin peaks, including the double r diner
  3. alberta, canada- in retrospect, the pictures that pop up in google images make alberta look a little like what i expected missoula to look like. but anyways, background to the cheesy but nonetheless adorable movie the right kind of wrong
  4. coney island, new york city- does this even need explaining??
  5. bristol, england- background to skins. i think itt’s kind of odd that i chose this place since most of the scenes in the show are not really graphic but dirty looking. all that comes up is effy walking around barefooted and basically everyone going to sleep dirty. i live in a major city, so i wonder if everything looked like that in 2007…

not all who wander are lost (day thirty seven)


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