out and about and proud

opinions are odd things. anyone can have their own, no matter how severe, as long as they don’t act on some of them. the very idea of opinions is something i think about incredibly often, and so as a person of color who’s thoroughly aware of race, every once in a while i wonder when and how america started treated people of color correctly. when did seeing black people as equals go from being a radical idea to the normal thing to do?

it’s apparent that some sects of life must be divided, like religion and politics. if they’re the two sides of a venn diagram, the most apparent term in the “both” section is the topic of homosexuality. i’m an avid believer in gay marriage and equality for lgbtq, but i wonder if the world will ever get to a place of openness to people of all sexual orientations. will there be a day when it is culturally acceptable for lgbtq to be treated normally, like people of color for the most part are*, or is it going to always be a controversial issue? i only bring this up because a friend of mine has come out (and has been the only person to do so so far), and i’m curious to see how people respond tomorrow.

it’s hard to speak your mind these days when everyone has an opinion on everything.

so i say to the people who stand up for what they believe in, even and especially if it’s met by uncomfortable looks from people who just want you to chill, that i can only hope i’ll be like you all.

*i say for the most part because i’m not that naìve. just last week i exasperatedly tried to explain to two girls why having a black affinity club where only black people can attend is not racist but entirely necessary, but they didn’t understand at all.


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