In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Transporter.”

for somebody with exceptionally bad hearing (and even worse eyesight), i can instantly recognize a song. by the first two chords of any taylor swift song, i can mostly likely tell you not just what song it is but which album it was on and who it’s about. when i was younger, i didn’t understand the concept of an artist. all i saw were much older people with some hit singles that i would repeat nonstop, all under various genres.

for some random reason, a friend brought up jj abrams (upon further inspection, it seems that we were discussing the inability to trust others and he said that nick fury’s trust issues have nothing on the plot twists of lost or anything made by jj abrams really). i have never seen star trek, which is a real shame i know, and i only just learned that he wrote for forever young, so all that came to mind was this:

and i realized that the time period between when i last watched the music video and today is much longer than i thought. it’s probably been at least four years since i watched anything by the lonely island, so watching it from much older (and worse) eyes is quite the throwback.


the most obscure of throwbacks (day forty one)


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