i love this feeling, but i hate this part (day fifty four)


to me, this is one of the most genius quotes in all of the perks of being a wallflower. i can’t say underrated, because every sentence in that book is quoted way too often. it’s nonetheless the kind of a question that makes me stop and think, this person explained it perfectly (like any taylor swift lyrics basically). why do we let people walk over us, and treat us like we’re different? it’s unexplainable which is distressing because it is connected so heavily to domestic abuse and bullying.

in the new song greek tragedy, the wombats remind us that this is as uncommon as hot dog stands in new york city. the back and forth of this sick relationship will only end in a sweet sort of destruction. like you know things won’t be okay, but the alarms in your head are drowned out by a slow symphony of music (think of the soundtrack to effy’s drug highs in skins). it’s interesting, because in the end most people don’t blame their significant other. the fact that greek tragedy is such a common term shows how unexplainable this phenomenon is. people don’t always want to be hurt. sometimes we realize it, but don’t (or can’t) do anything about it.

the music video (both the original and the remix) are in my opinion, amazing. i’m a lenient critic for everything, but i thought both were creative in unexplainable ways. i honestly love both, but i chose the version above because a song can only get better when bastille remixes it. it’s incredible, the music video is even remixed.

she hits like ecstasy

so free up the cheaper seats

here comes the greek tragedy…


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