it’s surreal how different i react to something so… constant in the span of just a few years. i’m so unmoved by snow that i haven’t taken a picture of it even though my first snow of 2015 was days ago. however, considering i live where i live, it’s a little confusing to determine what constitutes as snow.

but yeah, school was finally cancelled. i’m dreading returning, since i feel like there will be a bunch to cover in so much less time, but it was a nice break. not exactly how i intended for it to go, but nice overall.


i got waffle house. of any food establishment, i must say waho is the fav. i used to omelets and hashbrowns for the most part, but after becoming an avid parks and recs fan, i started getting whipped cream and waffles. it’s actually delicious, and a lot lighter than eggs. still, i can only have waffle house a few times a year to avoid detesting it, but each time i go i push the line between deliciousness and nausea.

and then…


grizfolk favorited one of my tweets. i was looking at workout clothes in dick’s sporting goods and i heard a familiar song being played. i was so excited to recognize that it was grizfolk, who supported bastille on tour.


and of course, playing around with graphic design. i have yet to see more than a snippet of taylor’s performance, but i’ve loved the brit awards ever since bastille, rudimental and ella eyre teamed up and created the catchiest live mashup ever.

kind of a surreal day, especially since i spent hours working on a “surreal”


a snow day in pictures (and some words) (day fifty six)


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