phenomena (day fifty eight)

everyone is talking about the dress. i’m so sick of hearing about it that i wouldn’t divulge in any more details except that you can look up the bolded words and science suddenly comes to play. i first heard about it online, where i saw various people posting about it. didn’t care too much, mostly because there was no context. and then my friend mentioned it (via group chat) and suddenly no one would shut up about it. and i made the mistake of talking to another friend about it. at this point i’m honestly so fed up with this whole fiasco that i might punch the next person who brings it up, so naturally when he tried to convince me that i was wrong i just didn’t bother to respond. and today, everyone suddenly keeps talking about it. it’s brought up in math class, and asked about during lunch. and i don’t know why, but i have the natural feeling to bolt. like this whole topic has deviated so much from something tangible to something inconclusive. with all the hype it’s receiving, i wouldn’t be surprised if cnn did a special on it. this seems to happen with so many other things that come up. a friend will start talking about her feelings for her boyfriend, and i’ll just bolt. i’ve watched crime shows my entire life, and probably seen over 500 dead bodies throughout those episodes, but i can’t handle listening to people arguing about something so… idiotic. it’s overplayed, and i’m pretty sure it just rose to fame yesterday. the conversation is about as special as the joke “how do five gay guys walk… in one direction“. not offensive, but perhaps offensively annoying.


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