an old dog and his new tricks (day sixty one)

today, while hitting against an opponent from another school during school, a slight miracle happened. slight is still overexxagerated, but somehow the odds were in my favor. in the past, i would’ve been on the fast track to losing, but in the middle i got super focused. i was able to hit without overthinking, and my reflexes were the best they’ve ever been. i’m scared this is a one-time event, and it makes me think about whether everything we do is set in stone. under countless variables, i must’ve taken hundreds of tests. i understand that to get good grades you’ve gotta take the old-fashioned route and study, but there are anomalies- people who get 93’s without studying while people who study for hours fail. i’m starting to wonder whether hard work is really the only option, or whether i’m going to find a rhythm that’s parallel to everything i do. i wish this kind of stuff were more talked about and easier to realize.


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