girl (and boy) power (day sixty seven)


happy international women’s day! it’s crazy how prominent feminism has become within the past few years (at least in my mind). i have to admit it probably hadn’t crossed my mind before 2013 or 2014. of course, when i was younger, i believed that girls should have the same opportunities as boys, and i probably tried to toe the social line of what boys and girls could and couldn’t do. i think, more than anything else, the women in my life have influenced all the decisions i’ve made. my mom, without fail, will hand me tissues and talks me through the worst parts of my crying bouts, whether i want her to or not. my sister always helped me through my toughest decisions and provided advice that never bothered to cross my mind. the success of these two, plus countless other women, have really reminded me of what feminism is about.

it’s 2015, and the word feminist creates a conundrum whenever mentioned. sometimes, “aggressive” people declaring everything misogynistic on tumblr. other times, people complaining about the previously mentioned aggressors. maybe it’s a quote from a celebrity, male or female, that stirs up some controversy (or praise). i think feminism becoming more universal is such a controversial concept because it’s so new. not the idea, or the name itself, but the notion that it is not constricted to a few radical individuals. and there’s new information and knowledge coming out about it everyday, that we step around the topic.

i am not opposed to the people labeled aggressive (i think what they’re doing is awesome because they’re passionate), but i think it’s hard to choose your battles in this war for equality. sometimes it’s the smallest stuff that irks me, like the same people praising sam smith about his acceptance speech at this year’s who slammed taylor swift for her’s in 2013, when they’re both thanking past flames for influencing their music. it’s definitely not sam smith’s issue, but i think that while this is a bit insignificant in the whole scheme of gender equality, it’s an important realization to make.

so many of my friends hate feminism because they think it’s man-hating or that it’s being too discussed. but i think that the fuss is important. i don’t want a factor, something i was born as and love to be, so trivial as gender to determine how much money i get as opposed to the guy next to me. i’m tired of being told that it’s okay if my grades are mediocre, that if i have great manners and look good enough i could just marry my way to success.

so yeah, i am a feminist.

a video that deepened my view on feminism (it may have 6 million views but i can’t say it’s overrated)


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