teacher’s pet (day sixty seven)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Can Be Taught!.”

i have never disliked a teacher. of course, i’ve complained and grumbled about political differences and homework policies, but i’ve always been a fan of all my teachers. i’ve heard i’m like this with most people, leaving out a select few. even when i have squabbles with their methods of teachings, i always came around to revering my teachers. but throughout the years, i’ve started to notice things about teachers.

they seem to give the most passive aggressive to the middle schoolers. that way, no pre-adolescent can question if their teacher means everything they say. teachers get more tough on you as you grow older, and they expect more. but what i see the most in the very best, is a deep interest for what they’re teaching. they’re willing to stay late and respond to your questions, to go the extra mile. not just courtesy stuff, but a connection to their students. even in my favorite teachers i’ve been frustrated in their classes because i don’t believe in what they declare (ie opinions on ferguson) or i’ve been bored with their recurring assignments, but i can tell that the most interested teach the best. years from now, i’ll be able to provide unwanted facts about alexander the great and his trek across the gedrosian desert. i might try and continue my journey in linguistics, perhaps wanting to continue to use spanish.

i think i’ve always liked my teachers because i’m lucky to go where i do. i see all the faults in my school, of course, but i think the administrators have a knack for choosing teachers. i’ve heard accounts of teachers cheating and bullying their students, and i think it’s a shame. education is required (in the united states), so i should remember that’s always worth supporting.


2 thoughts on “teacher’s pet (day sixty seven)

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  2. Joiya Reid says:

    The best teachers are definitely the ones that show a passion for what they teach. All of my favorite teachers were the ones whose excitement I could feed off of.


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