time to hit record (day sixty eight)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”

everyone looks back onto their past selves cringing. you’ll think of someone, and then shudder inside because of something stupid or insensitive (or my specialty, stupidly insensitive) you said to them on accident. it’s recollections like those that ruin perfectly good memories. i’m almost ashamed of my past self, not because i was fat or a loser (neither of which are truly issues) but because of my interests. everything i liked was merely superficial. the worst part, and the epitome of this basic-ness was my obsession with youtube.

i suppose it all started out in the 8th grade, when a friend showed me a video of two boys who i ended up loving. they were hilarious and quaint (in my opinion), and one thing led to another and i became a subscriber to everyone they were friends with. nothing was wrong with this, but as time went on and i started branching out to more channels like casey neistat’s or vlogbrothers, i realized that my interest was shallow. the charming vloggers that now have hundreds of thousands upon millions of viewers have great lives, and they choose to show the best parts. it was unrealistic to a naïve mind of my 13 year old self, to only want to live in england and have nice clothes. the people themselves are not frivolous, but i had tunnel vision about what i wanted to be.

one of my newfound channels was hitrecord, a collaborative company founded by joseph gordon-levitt and his brother joe. even though i don’t understand how to participate (i’m always hazy with the instructions), it’s my favorite kind of channel. it’s unpretentious yet artsy, kind of like a more collaborative vlogbrothers focusing more on storytelling than education. people from all over the world upload stories, photographs, songs, pieces of art, etc all pertaining to a certain theme and have the chance to be featured in that themes episode. it’s such a supporting community that i’d love to be part of, but making a video of yourself is such a hard thing to do (for me, at least). i hope that this year, i’ll upload at least one thing and finally understand how the entire logistics of how hitrecord works.


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