anthropologically speaking (day seventy three)

note that this sounds pretentious because vicky (the actual author of this blog) has continuously watched six seasons of bones and therefore feels much smarter than she actually is. in all reality she is living vicariously through several attractive characters in hopes of feeling better about her life.

i watch crime shows. like a lot. mostly bones, psych, law and order:svu, sherlock, and castle. sometimes ncis if i’m exercising. and i have a pretty considerable fear of death, ranging back from when i was much younger. my mom (bless her naïve heart) would love for me to stop all watching anything related to mystery, which is as likely as becoming valedictorian of her genius class or a sculptor. i guess i can see how she thinks the two are related, but i must say i still don’t agree. i’ve been worried that i’m going to die in an er room or drown at sea since i was seven, much earlier than when i started watching any crime shows. that fear comes from an irrational brain, more adept at creating impossible scenarios rather than understanding chemistry. i was a curious child, and way beyond her years in terms of interests, so i read reader’s digest horror stories instead of playing with dolls or watching barney.

i guess what i’m saying is i won’t give up one of my favorite pastimes for an unlikely aspiration. obviously, the good outweighs the bad, and if watching two hours of forensic anthropology or police interrogation is what it takes to not explode at school, then so be it. anyways, the scariest part of bones is the bugs, not the skeletons.


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