who says (day seventy five)


i’ve read and heard opinions from both sides of the argument, but in my opinion (as a first-generation chinese) this show has one of the most original plots i’ve ever encountered. it’s not just laugh-out-loud funny and entirely accurate, but it has my parents intrigued whenever i’m watching in the kitchen. granted, they’re interested in anything chinese (i appreciate how their patriotism still lies with a country they left twenty years ago), but it’s an accomplishment to get my mom caring about american television.

it sounds trite, but i can honestly relate to this show, even more than i can identify with anyone from parks and recreation or friends*. i distinctly remember the excitement i had from bringing lunchables (barbeque chicken shake-ups) to school, instead of buying, because that’s what all the other kids were doing and even now, still doing extra work during breaks and weekends.

of course, this show isn’t perfect. maybe it’s just my family, but my mom didn’t magically befriend her neighbour with a mutual love for stephen king or let me have a job as a child. the show is simplistic, packing a much neater experience than what i went through, but even with it’s slight pitfalls i am thankful for an unorthodox plot. i started watching weeks after it premiered because i was wary of the show because of reviews, but now i realize that i can’t take those people seriously. half aren’t even asian, so they can’t call racism on a show that shows experiences that all asians will eventually go through. it’s based on a memoir by a first generation taiwanese man, so it’s not our fault that we find solace in a humourous portrayal of adolescence.

*even though i’m treated like a gary/larry, i’m truly half april half leslie. and 100% phoebe apparently


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