mini goals for the week (day eighty one)

most people make goals on sunday nights or monday mornings- i get that. but i also get that i won’t stick to a resolution if i wait until the last minute (throwback to when i forgot that i gave up chocolate for lent)

  1. sitting less- even though i already knew all this, this video scared me into standing. i’m going to cut down my sitting time by standing when i watch television. either i get better legs or i watch less television (great news either way)
  2. more sat work- kind of explains itself. i’m hoping to take the test in may, which is really close for someone who hasn’t quite begun studying for the math section
  3. buy more pants- first day of spring was this week, but i’ll still need more pants. i found my perfect pair at ae, and i have yet to buy them (too busy) but i also want colored ones.
  4. decide whether my horoscope is to be trusted- it said i missed an opportunity for a reason. i can think of said opportunity, but admitting that it flew by me is basically saying that i can’t chase it. i’m not sure if i’m ready for that kind of rejection.

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