the ultimate fake out (day eighty four)

april fools is right around the corner. i’m not a huge fan of the holiday because it never quite stands out to me (i suppose my friends are all lame in that sense) or some people do horribly offensive things, but pranks are nice for the most part. but you know what isn’t funny?

colleges sending you emails.

it’s bad enough that colleges you know won’t accept you are harassing you in the form of spam, but random colleges i have no interest in attending using my full name and telling me that i’m made for better things is a depressing sight to see. with my grades and my lackluster extracurricular activities (both of which i’m attempting to improve upon), i would be surprised if any of the colleges who spam me would even interview me. i’ve just read that one of the reasons the most elite of universities do this is because they want a low acceptance rate (to keep that nobility). how sadistic is that. to be the best warrants crushing the hopes of hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom they encouraged nonetheless? it makes me wonder if college names are overrated. in the way that not everyone who is successful graduated from stanford or columbia, not everyone who graduated from harvard or berkley went on the be rich and/or famous. i’m not suggesting that i’ll forgo college altogether, but perhaps now i’m more wary.


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