the socially awkward teenager’s guide to vacations (day ninety three)

first of all, vacation does not automatically mean traveling. perhaps for well-adjusted it does, but you can’t go to costa rica or paris without dealing with the stress of traveling and worries over wasting money. instead, you stay home. but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s boring!

  1. take a walk (i went to the local park, where i sat in the swings and lip synched for a while. and i saw why families love taking their kids to a park. it was before 3, so there were few kids. i actually love kids, but it was enlightening to see adults playing tennis and shooting hoops. also, is there really not a reality show where amy poehler and the rest of the parks and rec cast goes around fixing minor park problems?
  2. watch a critically acclaimed movie (django unchained)
  3. buy something you’ve needed for a while [not drastically- more of a passive desire] and get it without feeling rushed (sandals)
  4. finally read, preferably something with a thicker plot that you normally would not have the time to get through (we were liars by e. lockhart is amazing, though quite disorienting)
  5. and of course, watch/rewatch/resume too many shows (in my queue? bones, sherlock, and merlin)

i actually hate traveling, and for the most part, vacations. and then i’m thrown back into school, and i’m just begging for a break. i usually don’t have a good time because my parents see it as a time to catch up on schoolwork and not an opportunity to relax completely. but so far, my break is fine.

i hope yours is too!


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