In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Switcheroo.”

often i go back in forth between thinking i’ve finally stopped caring what people think about me and being sensitive to a person’s look. i’ve always been quite jealous of those who are naturally independent and confident, because i feel like an improvement in my personality could not just make me happier but could do wonders for my gpa. in an attempt to find a tutorial on how to shrink polyester (long story short i don’t care as much about size when the garment is cheap and good looking), i found sheri pavlovic, a free flowing diy blogger who i appreciate a ton. she has this quirky personality that shows through in her posts and vlogs, and i feel like she’s someone who i’d love to be friends with. undeniably positive with the sense of humour of one of those aunts and armed with some rad photoshop and gif-making skills. not just the skills, but the confidence to make them of herself. she seems like the epitome of a free spirit, not because of a highly filtered photo of an outfit or her clothes, but her personality. she also linked to the crafty gentleman, whose tutorials make me excited to diy (as excited as one who normally sees diy as overrated can be).

i’m not really sure how to become more self-confident, but i hope i find out soon.


funny face (day ninety six)


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