inverse functions (day ninety nine)

keep in mind that i spend most of my time in school or working on schoolwork (if you don’t count my rampant netflix sessions…) so the idea comes from functions in math, where if y=kx, when k is increased then x is decreased and vice versa. in this instance, i suppose k is the number of pictures worth keeping and x is the accessibility of a camera.

[i have to get up a bit earlier tomorrow, so this post is quite rushed.]

in a world where most of us have phones, and a high percentage of those phones have photo-taking capabilities, does the accessibility make pictures less special? i always think about this when i swipe up on my screen to take a quick, low-quality picture of a funny license plate or stealth pic, because those are ultimately pictures i delete without sharing with anyone or even looking back at. i’m a fickle person in the sense that i don’t like being in pictures, especially if taken on phones. it may just be that because we have the option of taking so many photos, but we go crazy documenting everything and only a small number are quality or worth keeping. does the lack of old-school equipment make us take the opportunity of cementing everything for granted? it may just be that i have yet to master even iphone photography and i’m bitter though.


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