In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Beyond the Pale.”

i used to run. i used to exercise a lot, in fact. when i was younger, probably around 12 or 13, i was able to run a few miles without getting winded. and then, somehow, once i hit high school i stopped trying. i rarely exercised, which i always cracked a few jokes about (those are usually the most popular) and just tried to eat more healthily to make up for that. recently (basically in the past week), i started going out and jogging a little. people say that you should “get back into” running a few miles at a time. i took that advice, except i probably run half a mile and then stop and walk a little. but i feel good. i feel that i’ll stay consistent because i like the way it makes me feel after (i’m usually under the impression that my legs look great the day after when, in fact, they probably look the same). i really do want 2015 to be the year in which exercising stops being a chore and actually just a normal part of my life, and i hope that by the end of this year i’ll be able to run a few miles without stopping. i usually play this game by myself where i start running when it’s flat, and i won’t let myself stop around people or until i hit a hill. it’s a quirky little thing that i’d be embarrassed if anyone saw, but in the end, this is going to be good for me.


beyond the pale: running (day one hundred and twenty two)


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