full moon: times are a changing (day one hundred eighteen)

change is such an odd thing in that you rarely recognize it happening. or at least, i only notice it in retrospect. maybe i was never observant enough or assumed it would be a one-time deal until it happened enough that you just stop noticing it as separate occasions and let it become the norm. sometime between two weeks ago and now, i just became better. i sleep more, i eat more healthily, i seem to be funnier, i’m working better at schoolwork, and to be honest, i think i look better (i started wearing mascara and straightening my hair). i’m glad that all this is happening, and though this seems to affect other things, i’m okay. because what i’ve accomplished were my objectives. it’s okay that my ideas for design aren’t as sharp and i read novels more slowly and i’m watching less tv. because i think i’m happy