In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sliced Bread.”

i have just one word for you: tumblrtines. basically screenshotting and cropping tumblr text posts and adding them to valentine’s day cards. basically perfect for casual cards to friends. they look adorable, if i may say so myself, and makes sure there’s less room on the card so you don’t have to write so big. our school sold valentines and donated the money to charity so i helped myself to ten and i must say they looked great. i usually think valentine’s day is overrated, but i’ll admit that this was fun.


valentines 2

it’s a nice feeling to do something somewhat creative. i’m sure hundreds of people have done this before, but who cares. i’m looking forward to the long weekend- i have a feeling that things are going to change (in a good way).


a continuation of innovation (day forty four)