plans??? (day one hundred thirty nine)

i am done with school. mentally, i gave up months ago, but i have pulled through and taken my last exam. every year when this time hits i think back and am impressed by my getting this far. i don’t know what i expected, but finishing sophomore year was not it. and with the ending of another school year comes my another summer of my mom’s incessant reminders to plan. she’s a textbook planner if you don’t count her tardiness. and while i’m sure she was hoping i would be making a list of sheets i need to pick up, i’m excited to unveil my summer plans.

  1. be able to pull off a basic hairstyle from a youtube tutorial. i’m not talking those inverted, upside down and ti-dyed braids. just curling my hair correctly. bonus points if i learn it from a magazine
  2. win (or at least enter too many) sweepstakes. i’m kind of banking on seventeen to provide me with more bathing suits
  3. use spanish. naturally, and outside the classroom. it’s a cliche dream, but i know that this is literally the only way to sound natural and understand normally
  4. write here every other day. i’m going to south america later this summer and i can’t bring my computer, and i can’t imagine writing 10 posts ahead of time, but 5 sounds a little more doable.

from this day forward (day one hundred and three)

i wil not

  • read those magazine articles that provide false expectations for a major life change (ie leaving a bad relationship, getting a promotion, traveling the world) that are not attainable, not just because it doesn’t apply but because they’re unrealistic
  • spend time with people that are not my friends. this is such a hard thing to do because i have become so accustomed to a steady ten or so people in my life, but it’s becoming clearer that i have more in common with random people than i thought (met a fellow nerdfighter today!)
  • spend less time on electronics and sleep more. as  as that, but i’ve heard it does wonders (i’m officially starting today)
  • become more worldly. i’m starting with a nigerian love story, but hopefully this will end up with me improving my spanish and understanding what’s going on outside of the u.s
  • listen to other peoples’ opinions. not just decisions on group projects, but people of different faiths, political parties, etc. and reminder:
  • understand politics. i listen to npr sporadically, but i have no idea about half the terms they throw out

making lists and declarations has’t always worked out for me. this blog is basically an opposition to the belief that new year’s resolutions rarely pan out, but i haven’t been able to write every day. or, i suppose i can, but i never do.