the key to internet success (day fifty one)

this title is a bit misleading because i have not found out how to become an online icon nor would i tell you. just being honest. to me, i see becoming a prominent blogger or vlogger (or whatever) as kind of the same thing as losing weight- it’s possible, it seems, to everyone but me. and because of that, there are countless ways to go about it and many of the most successful got there naturally.

for someone who currently has a little over twenty followers on her blog (thank you by the way… i think that’s really cool even though it’s a really low number), i think about social network fame quite often. i think it’s just the inquisitive side of me that comes out from my overabundance of time on the internet, but it makes me quite paranoid. i’m at the that time of the school year where i begin to think that having just one successful text post would change my life. with technology becoming a frequent part in most peoples’ lives, it seems that becoming youtube famous or having a trendy and successful (yet hipster) blog is all that most people want. i kind of get that, because i’ve felt the desire for both (and for taylor swift to follow me on tumblr). but then i realize that the people i look up to the most, in terms of recording their lives for the rest of the world to see, didn’t do it for the perks. they had a message and a viewpoint, and were just creative enough to be found and liked.

i always get so caught up in things that irritate me- one of the biggest things i can’t stand looking into the comment section and seeing “i love bruno mars so much!11¡¡¡¡¡¡ if you have time, could you please check out my covers… my dream is to make music for the world to see 🙂 <3” it’s the equivalent of those big blogs on tumblr lying about how great a product or company is and their other big blogged friends adding unrealistic positive comments when reblogging. typing this out makes me realize how pathetic i’m being right now.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.44.03 AM

in an overthinking world, it’s nice to know there are candid people setting us all straight.