civilian bucket list for the underachieved (day seventeen)

recently i started texting a camp friend again, and amidst our various topics she mentioned that her new years resolution was to create a bucket list. i think that’s quite odd, because i assume bucket list making doesn’t require much effort- it’s the same thing as saying i want wrapping paper for christmas. however, i realized that everyone seemed to have the same bucket list in mind. therefore, i’m adding my own spin to it:

an actual attainable bucket list that only stayed in my head, until now

  1. see a movie being filmed (there’s part of a new robert deniro movie being filmed close to where i live, but i’ve decided that this year i’m not going to freak out about celebrities unless i’m a genuine fan)
  2. get followed by or reblogged from taylor swift on tumblr
  3. attend an in state march or rally
  4. visit the one tourist spot in downtown that everyone avoids
  5. volunteer at a themed race
  6. actually try a recipe from food network 100% correctly
  7. read a book out of your literary genre
  8. attend a midnight premiere
  9. bake cookies for your neighbours
  10. finally decorate your room
  11. volunteer at a soup kitchen regularly

writing this, i realized these are things i just kind of want to do in 2015. but it’s pretty attainable, besides the tumblr reblog.