when will i ever party like it’s 1989?? (day fifty)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “My Hero.”

like most of america (especially right now), i love taylor swift. my affection of her is shown by the largeness of her tag on this site, memorization of every song, and of course… abundance of reaction gifs from her cameos or live performances.

people refer to her success as one of an ugly duckling, which i see a bit. i’m saying this because she was a bullied for her unorthodox taste (she was actually adorable as a kid and young teen), but. but then, she made it her own. she’s the most inconspicuous of world-dominators if i may say so. as pretty, talented and affluential she is, that’s what makes her stand out to me. before the release of 1989, before she really decided to become happy by choice, she was always bashed. and once she stopped caring, it’s as if the world became her blank canvas to throw paint on. and it somehow ended up looking like a salvador dalí masterpiece.

granted, she’s a great singer and even greater songwriter, but this never works for me. it’s like i’m on a diet- i always switch back and forth between caring so much to caring so little about how other people think of me. many people i know are fans of hers, which i find kind of odd because their personalities epitomize what she spoke out against. she’s like a beacon of hope- if i find something i care that much about, and work towards it, i too can earn 7 grammys (seriously though, maybe i’ll amount to bigger things). but then again, life is gray and we’re someone’s antagonist, love interest, secondary character, etc.

she’s coming by for the 1989 world tour in a few months, and i’m heartbroken i don’t have tickets. i’ll be even more dejected if haim is also opening up for that date (along with vance joy- this sounds like a dream) but i guess i’ll just… party like it’s 1989



love is the one wild card (day thirty)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teen Age Idol.”

like most teen girls (i refuse to use the word tween), i worshipped taylor swift. and i still do. she represents what we all wanted to be at some point- beautiful, talented, genuine and loved. not just to be all that, but to be recognized as someone who has all those traits. there’s a large section of tumblr dedicated to her words, which are so deep i could literally swim in them. i question my speaking habits when i realize again and again that over 50% of my words include “um” and “yeah” and awkward fumbles of explanations. i love the way she’s grown as a person over the past year, and her thoughts have really matured and evolved to the point that she speaks for so many. i always wonder how she became to be so successful, shattering all these records and setting up new benchmarks for other artists. she really has it all- a great voice, stainless public image, seven grammy’s (and counting!!) and awesome fans. she’s such a people person, and everything she does gets her in the good graces of millions of people everywhere. i’m glad that she’s enjoying the single life and proving to skeptics that love extends past domestic relationships. to this day, i love her because she’s what i want to be.


*this entire post was written from a hardcore swiftie’s perspective