… (day sixty six)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Opposite Day.”

i can’t seem to get inspired. it’s a toughie trying to write everyday, and it seems that when i have more time that i don’t use it correctly. i’m now on spring break, and even on a school day i nearly finished a whole season of bones. watching the many adventures of winnie the pooh and hope that something will strike tomorrow.


a little bit of humour. we could all use some laughs


the key to internet success (day fifty one)

this title is a bit misleading because i have not found out how to become an online icon nor would i tell you. just being honest. to me, i see becoming a prominent blogger or vlogger (or whatever) as kind of the same thing as losing weight- it’s possible, it seems, to everyone but me. and because of that, there are countless ways to go about it and many of the most successful got there naturally.

for someone who currently has a little over twenty followers on her blog (thank you by the way… i think that’s really cool even though it’s a really low number), i think about social network fame quite often. i think it’s just the inquisitive side of me that comes out from my overabundance of time on the internet, but it makes me quite paranoid. i’m at the that time of the school year where i begin to think that having just one successful text post would change my life. with technology becoming a frequent part in most peoples’ lives, it seems that becoming youtube famous or having a trendy and successful (yet hipster) blog is all that most people want. i kind of get that, because i’ve felt the desire for both (and for taylor swift to follow me on tumblr). but then i realize that the people i look up to the most, in terms of recording their lives for the rest of the world to see, didn’t do it for the perks. they had a message and a viewpoint, and were just creative enough to be found and liked.

i always get so caught up in things that irritate me- one of the biggest things i can’t stand looking into the comment section and seeing “i love bruno mars so much!11¡¡¡¡¡¡ if you have time, could you please check out my covers… my dream is to make music for the world to see 🙂 <3” it’s the equivalent of those big blogs on tumblr lying about how great a product or company is and their other big blogged friends adding unrealistic positive comments when reblogging. typing this out makes me realize how pathetic i’m being right now.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 12.44.03 AM

in an overthinking world, it’s nice to know there are candid people setting us all straight.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sliced Bread.”

i have just one word for you: tumblrtines. basically screenshotting and cropping tumblr text posts and adding them to valentine’s day cards. basically perfect for casual cards to friends. they look adorable, if i may say so myself, and makes sure there’s less room on the card so you don’t have to write so big. our school sold valentines and donated the money to charity so i helped myself to ten and i must say they looked great. i usually think valentine’s day is overrated, but i’ll admit that this was fun.


valentines 2

it’s a nice feeling to do something somewhat creative. i’m sure hundreds of people have done this before, but who cares. i’m looking forward to the long weekend- i have a feeling that things are going to change (in a good way).

a continuation of innovation (day forty four)


new skins (day forty three)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Skin.”

mostly recently, i’ve been seriously getting exhausted with schoolwork and academics overall. it’s sad mostly because i try and my grades are mediocre at best, and i seem to be surrounded by people who don’t need great grades because they have some special talent to back them up or are just amazing at everything. everyone runs and basically saves the world and i sit at home and watch tv. like a lot of tv. as in i like the characters, the real a-holes themselves, more than i like my friends sometimes.

of all the shows i’ve ever watched on netflix, skins is my favorite. it’s just the right kind of show to watch on your computer, especially since everything is so 2006-esque. everyone does drugs and parties, and i question all the time if that’s just in tv and movies. the closest i get to that is reblogging things on tumblr. i know for a fact that instead of going to a school dance two of my friends (and i) are studying chemistry and another is going through old pictures. i suppose it’s just the area we live in. i’ve heard tales about what people in my grade have supposedly been doing, and i’m honestly not shocked. not because they give off the party vibe, but because i’ve been so exposed to it online.

if i could live like anyone for a year, i’d say cook from skins would be the obvious choice. we’re polar opposites- he’s male, british and entirely reckless. a real bad boy without trying, mostly because he doesn’t care about anyone, but he seems to be able to do what he wants with no repercussions. i wake up, go to school, study, watch tv and basically repeat. and i think i will for the next few years (minus the tv watching if i can really pull it together) nonstop, and then i’ll have to go to college and find a job and live on my own and find someone (like a dog) and life begets life and whatnot. but in the one and a half seasons that i’ve seen cook, he’s done everything from almost doing it with a lesbian to nearly getting killed by a drug lord, and he seems to be okay. of course i recognize that tv shows have to have tight, exciting plots but i wonder what it’d be like to live. no one on that show seems to worry about academics, which makes me question if it was/still is like that in bristol or just 2009. what would it be like to just live, and not have to worry about planning for the future? what kind of a person would i become? hopefully, a better one.



love is the one wild card (day thirty)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Teen Age Idol.”

like most teen girls (i refuse to use the word tween), i worshipped taylor swift. and i still do. she represents what we all wanted to be at some point- beautiful, talented, genuine and loved. not just to be all that, but to be recognized as someone who has all those traits. there’s a large section of tumblr dedicated to her words, which are so deep i could literally swim in them. i question my speaking habits when i realize again and again that over 50% of my words include “um” and “yeah” and awkward fumbles of explanations. i love the way she’s grown as a person over the past year, and her thoughts have really matured and evolved to the point that she speaks for so many. i always wonder how she became to be so successful, shattering all these records and setting up new benchmarks for other artists. she really has it all- a great voice, stainless public image, seven grammy’s (and counting!!) and awesome fans. she’s such a people person, and everything she does gets her in the good graces of millions of people everywhere. i’m glad that she’s enjoying the single life and proving to skeptics that love extends past domestic relationships. to this day, i love her because she’s what i want to be.


*this entire post was written from a hardcore swiftie’s perspective


civilian bucket list for the underachieved (day seventeen)

recently i started texting a camp friend again, and amidst our various topics she mentioned that her new years resolution was to create a bucket list. i think that’s quite odd, because i assume bucket list making doesn’t require much effort- it’s the same thing as saying i want wrapping paper for christmas. however, i realized that everyone seemed to have the same bucket list in mind. therefore, i’m adding my own spin to it:

an actual attainable bucket list that only stayed in my head, until now

  1. see a movie being filmed (there’s part of a new robert deniro movie being filmed close to where i live, but i’ve decided that this year i’m not going to freak out about celebrities unless i’m a genuine fan)
  2. get followed by or reblogged from taylor swift on tumblr
  3. attend an in state march or rally
  4. visit the one tourist spot in downtown that everyone avoids
  5. volunteer at a themed race
  6. actually try a recipe from food network 100% correctly
  7. read a book out of your literary genre
  8. attend a midnight premiere
  9. bake cookies for your neighbours
  10. finally decorate your room
  11. volunteer at a soup kitchen regularly

writing this, i realized these are things i just kind of want to do in 2015. but it’s pretty attainable, besides the tumblr reblog.